“I worked with Catherine Demes Maydew three years in a row to prepare for annual audits in my role as Finance Manager at the Omaha Housing Authority. Great effort had gone into revamping the accounts payable and accounts receivable operations and month-end close.

“To prepare for year-end close, Catherine was called in to construct a set of ‘prepared by client’ work papers, following a year-end close checklist. Catherine worked through each of these, designing a work paper structure that tied out the general ledger to a variety of subsidiary ledgers and HUD databases.

“Catherine is productive the minute she hits the door, quickly pulling data out of the accounting system and organizing it into work papers that led to year-end closing entries in preparation for the audit. Catherine immediately clicked with the Finance Department staff and they enjoyed working with her. She resolved many problems in the general ledger and put procedures in place and trained staff to continue in this improved process.

“During this time, Catherine obtained another professional credential, constantly improving her skills and increasing her knowledge. Catherine interfaced effectively with the auditors and executive management.

“Catherine builds good relationships and takes that with her to each new assignment. There is no one who can hit the ground running and achieve immediate results like Catherine Demes Maydew.”

— Cindy Miserez

“Catherine has provided a number of accounting and accounting management services for ACI Worldwide over a period of several years. She is very professional and adapts very well to a number of different challenges and work environments. She was instrumental in ensuring that ACI achieved its initial SOX certification on time, with clean audit opinions in a very complex global accounting environment.”

— David Bankhead

“During my association with Catherine, I found her to be an expert in areas like SOX, internal control, and preparation of financials for external reporting. She has a thorough knowledge of various accounting pronouncements and she strives to keep up-to-date with the changes to these pronouncements. Due to her outstanding interpersonal skills, she can quickly fit herself into the roles she assumes and add value. Catherine is a great asset to any organization.”

— Uma Balaji