Interim Executive Services

Leadership change is an increasingly common aspect of nonprofit organizational life. According to research cited by the AECF Executive Transitions Monograph Series Volume 2, each year one in ten nonprofits goes through a leadership transition.

While not all organizations in transition require an Interim ED, research and practice to date  [per CompassPoint study] suggest that those groups that do use an interim ED emerge stronger, more financially sound, and with high levels of optimism about the future impact of their agency services. The use of interim EDs represents a powerful capacity-building strategy, one that nonprofits should carefully consider when addressing the challenges of their next leadership transition.

Additionally, organizations transitioning from volunteer to paid staff can be aided by an interim ED to put systems in place, such as financial management, personnel policies, and procedures, board governance policies, donor tracking, help the board let go of day-to-day management duties, and help lead the search for a permanent ED. Determining the skills needed for the position.

Transition period: Organizations in transition should look at this period as one of pivotal moment.

  • Sudden loss of a leader – possibly founder leader.
  • Departure defined leader – succession plan in place includes hiring of interim ED.
  • Organization in transition to first full-time paid executive leader.

Interim ED’s work encompasses:

  • Overseeing finances
  • Keeping fundraising goals on track
  • Monitoring program operations
  • Supporting managers
  • Attending to normal board needs
  • Attending to staff anxieties
  • Extra communication with wary funders and other supporters
  • Helping the board keep up with its transition and search duties
  • Making any repairs needed in agency systems
  • Creating excitement about fresh possibilities in the organizations future

We can provide the bridge to the next leader – allowing you the time to make the right hire and prepare the organization for the next era.